Photo: The Jacksons Photography, Columbus, OH

A photo of the first Miss America winner, Margaret Gorman. Source: Unknown author

How a Black Republican and a White Democrat Mastered Civility One Conversation at a Time.

Sophia Fifner. Photo: Jen Brown Photography, Columbus, OH

As a family, professional photos were a rarity outside of the church directory. Hence, this photo was a big deal. Not only was it an investment, but it was our first formal family picture. Christmas circa 1995.

A life lesson learned from the notorious Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Carol Castiel (Voice of America ) and Sophia (Davis) Fifner with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg — United States Supreme Court, December 2007

Sophia Fifner visiting Fox in the Snow in Columbus, Ohio
Sophia Fifner is the Community Relations Chief for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department in Columbus, OH. For over a decade she has worked to build community partnerships through policy and philanthropy.

Sophia (Davis) Fifner, Miss District of Columbia 2009 & 2010 Top 5 finalist

Sophia Fifner

I live for the intersection of philanthropy, public relations & politics. As advocate for women & girls, I’m a #metoo survivor & #feministbeautyqueen

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