Our unfinished story must start with love and compassion

I will never forget the adventures I had while working on Capitol Hill. I remember the reverberating sounds of staff heels click-clacking in the corridors to and from meetings. I vividly recall the contrast between the Senate office buildings’ serene calmness before business hours and the buildings’ increasing buzz of…

Miss America is not perfect. She’s human. And like all humans, she evolves. She falls down, she stumbles, and like every strong woman, rises again.

On Wednesday, September 8th, the Miss America Organization celebrated its 100th anniversary. You read that correctly: 100 years of forever shaping American culture and life.

How a Black Republican and a White Democrat Mastered Civility One Conversation at a Time.

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than expressing love to an enemy who spits in your face. When the hurt you feel is not just from one moment of pain but from the millions of residual moments that ripple throughout each day, every month, and years. When they’ve hurt you not…

Article originally shared as part of Mollard Consulting’s Black women’s voices series.

As a child, I knew that wealth was not something my family owned. My mother worked the night shift, occasionally working three part-time jobs to pay bills and keep food on our table. My father was always fastidiously…

A life lesson learned from the notorious Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Interviewing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, well over a decade ago, forever changed my perception of leadership.

I took the above photo during the fall semester of my senior year. I was interning with Voice of America in Washington, DC. as part of Miami University’s Inside Washington program. …

Sophia Fifner visiting Fox in the Snow in Columbus, Ohio

Gratitude can sometimes be misconstrued as misplaced optimism in a sea of challenging events. Like successfully getting your 3-year-old fed and down for a nap while simultaneously participating in a department-wide video conference. Or, like staying on message while speaking with local media about the importance of social distancing during…

Sophia Fifner

I live for the intersection of philanthropy, public relations & politics. As advocate for women & girls, I’m a #metoo survivor & #feministbeautyqueen

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